Who's who

Bethan Hewitt

President & Unit Manager

Hi! My name is Bethan, I'm a second-year Psychology student and I'm President and Unit Manager of Warwick First Aid Society. I oversee the planning and running of our society and our St John Ambulance unit of volunteers.

Fun fact: Even though I'm quite often seen in green thanks to our uniform, it's probably one of my least favourite colours, unless it's in the form of a pistachio macaron.

Chloe Jade Cooper

Vice President & Outreach Coordinator

Hi, I’m Chloe Jade, your Vice President for this year, and a second-year Biomedical Science student here at Warwick! My role is to manage social media and outreach events outside the university and with other societies, ensuring our members have the best experience possible! I am currently a vaccination volunteer, but I am super excited for many more amazing opportunities with St John Ambulance and the society next year, working with you all!

A fun fact about me is that I’m currently doing the couch to 5k runs, hoping to do the mud run for breast cancer in summer...and I’ve signed myself up for a charity skydive (despite being terrified of heights)

Tiago Rodrigues

Event Services Lead

Hello, friends! I'm Tiago, a second-year Philosophy student and your Events Lead for the year (again)! I'm responsible for managing the Unit's coverage of events - dragging and dropping volunteers about to guarantee all events go as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Fun fact? I randomly googled "studying abroad" one late April night and five months later was on a plane to the UK to study at Warwick. All about spontaneity, me.

Nacho Esclamado

Social Secretary

Hey guys, I'm Nacho, a first-year Neuroscience student. I'm your social sec, which means I'll be the one organising the social events for WFAS. This past year has been rough, so we all need a bit of release from the tension.

Fun fact: I once said that my favorite drug was speed in the middle of a school presentation. (Disclaimer: I've never done drugs, I swear)

Nisa Fareed


Hello, I’m Nisa! I’m a first-year biomed student as well as your new secretary. I’ll be running the admin related tasks, i.e. minutes, registers, etc.!!

Fun fact: I once impulse bought a discounted bundle of Kürtőskalács, and lived off of it for almost a week, breakfast, lunch, dinner (which surprisingly, or suspiciously, stayed “fresh”).

Adam Khaw


Hi frenz! I'm Adam and I'm a second-year Accounting and Finance undergrad. I'm your treasurer at Warwick First Aid Society, my job is to ensure that the society is financially sustainable and is able to carry out its day-to-day activities for the entire academic year. I manage the society's accounts and ensure adequate funding to cater to the needs of all our members.

Fun Fact? I've watched every episode of 'the 100' at least 5 times.