Who's who

Louisa Lovatt

President & Unit Manager

Hi, I’m Louisa! I’m a final year Biochemistry student, and the Unit Manager/ President of Warwick First Aid. My role is to oversee the running of both the society and St. John Ambulance unit. I make sure everyone is happy in their role and that everything goes smoothly!

Fun fact: Over the last couple of years I’ve become quite a keen runner and I’m currently training for my first half marathon!

Sophie Webb

Vice President & Outreach Coordinator

I'm a third year psychology student. I sort out outreach activities such as socs fair, run our social media, and basically just make sure everyone’s happy and having a good time☺️

Fun fact about me: I see numbers as colours (colour synaesthesia)!

Tiago Rodrigues

Event Services Lead

Hello, friends! I'm Tiago, a second-year Philosophy undergrad and your Events Lead for the year! I'm responsible for managing the Unit's coverage of events - dragging and dropping volunteers about to guarantee all events go as smoothly as possible for everyone.

Fun fact? I randomly googled "studying abroad" one late April night and five months later was on a plane to the UK to study at Warwick. All about spontaneity, me.

Bethan Hewitt

Training Lead

Hi everyone! I'm Bethan, I'm a second year Psychology student, and I'm your Training Lead this year, which means I'm in charge of our weekly sessions as well as getting our unit's volunteers onto any extra training courses they're interested in.

A fun fact about me is that when I'm at home I put my greyhounds to bed every night. It was never supposed to be a daily thing but Gilbert decided otherwise...

Nick Glasson

Equipment and Logistics Lead

Hey everyone! I'm Nick and I'm a 3rd year studying data science (I still don't know what it is either). It's my job to make sure the society has the stuff it needs for all our events & keeping our aptly named cupboard, Narnia, stocked.

Fun fact: I love cooking but for some reason I can't help but stand on one leg like a flamingo while doing it 🦩

Mhairi Gowans

Human Resources Lead

Hi guys! I’m Mhairi ☺️ I’m a third year studying Maths and Physics and I’m the Human Resources lead. So I’m the go to gal for any issues on your accounts or otherwise.

A fun fact about me, I love being outdoors. My favourite hobbies are gardening and wildlife photography.

Oliver Sabin

Fundraising Lead

Hey everyone, I’m Oli! I’m a final year maths student and the other half of your fundraising team for the year. Which basically means it’s my job to take all of your money😁 We’ve got loads of fun ideas for events so make sure you come along and donate what you can

Fun fact: I walk up mountains for fun, and this time last year I was in Africa climbing Kilimanjaro

Alex Beauclair

Fundraising Lead

Howdy folks, Alex is the designation and psychology's the accreditation. I am the secondary head of the body known as fundraising. In fundraising, we raise funds.

Fun fact: I managed to carry a pinãta safely across an entire voyage in central America. Need proof? Well you'll just have to come to our fundraising events.

Anna Ryduchowska


Hey there, I'm Anna and I'm in the final year of my Maths degree. My society role involves different admin jobs such as taking minutes or sending out the weekly newsletter (which you all love and cherish).

Fun fact: I'm terrible with plants. I used to have a cactus which ended up dying because I hadn't watered it in a few years. Having learnt my lesson, I only buy fake ikea plants now.

Adam Partridge


Hey everyone I'm Adam and I'm in 3rd year studying maths! I'm the treasurer so I decide how to spend the society's funds which means my role requires a certain level of responsibility. (I never said this role was within my comfort zone!)

Fun fact: I once won a quiz tiebreaker round where me and my opponent stood at the front of the pub and had a race to see who could eat a slice of bread the fastest.

Rosie Sanders

Social Secretary

Hi everyone my name is Rosie and I’m a third year studying biomed. I am also your new social secretary! This means I will be organising all sorts of fun activities throughout the year, both drinking and non-drinking for your enjoyment.

My fun fact is that even though I’m English I only moved the uk for university and so honestly still don’t really understand the obsession with tea (I’m so sorry to all the brits out there)